Today, enterprises need to channelize their resources towards IT development to drive business change and operational efficiency. They can accomplish it by bringing down the expenses connected with provision upkeep.

CIE has empowered leading enterprises to drive down expenses connected with SAP application management. We do this through end-to-end provision management, shared services and specialized skill factories. CIE offers a set of industrialized services underpinned by an interesting lean technique to achieve the lowest system maintenance and help costs.

CIE has a demonstrated track record of leveraging lean practices in a manufacturing plant methodology for application management. Our interesting CIE factory structure applies institutionalized methods and apparatuses to boost profit. We have empowered heading undertakings to accomplish great cost reductions upto 20% in operating expenses beyond the universal funds attained through outsourcing.

Services offered:-

  • Shared Services

SAP requires high number of aptitudes with low use where a dedicated group will prove to be costly. CIE imparted services that  permit customers to exploit advantage of large pool of shared resources covering a wide range of SAP skills.

  • Skill Factories

A few customers oblige more amazing profundity in particular SAP ranges, for example, BW or ABAP. CIE sets up devoted ability plants for development and maintenance.

Application Management

CIE offers end-to-end application management. Contingent upon customer necessities, services are rendered through an offshore or hybrid onshore/offshore model. We additionally supplement application management services with applicable framework administrations.