CIE offers its services on a high performing and solid delivery infrastructure. The state-of–the- art infrastructure and offices have been refined and improved through a few engagements with heading venture

Our offerings

Remote network operations center (R-NOC)

R-NOC is intended to work as an enlargement of your system and system infrastructure group. R-NOC proactively screens your system and server environment.

Telecom network

CIE’s telecom network is an end to end oversaw result with no single purposes of disappointment. Industry standard confirmations guarantee high limit call handling.

Software set up for desktops

CIE furnishes a standard desktop with Windows OS and MS Office suite stacked with Symantec AV and Acrobat spectator to all clients. Requirements for additional software set ups typically rely on upon the way of work assigned. Server programming set ups can comparably be altered modified based on requirements. With close replication of the environment that exists at your present ‘on location’ area, we guarantee that all help focus operations perform at the ideal levels.