Solutions for the optimization of the software production process

The software production is facing new challenges. The variety and number of devices to supporting platforms is increasing. The increasing complexity and networking calls active managing diverse risks associated with these systems. A key success factor is the efficiency of the central processes in software development and throughout the life cycle of the software product so that development teams to focus on their main task: to deliver Great products.

Product life cycles are becoming shorter, new technologies faster to use and the customer demands are constantly increasing. Companies rely on agile processes and globally distributed project teams to work in parallel with many suppliers in the products. Must To meet these challenges the production environment automate key processes intelligent, promote cooperation, transparency and create comprehensible be to operate with absolute reliability.

Balsam Enter

Pries ASC as a central build and release management system meets these requirements, can be flexibly configured to your project requirements, and integrate with other systems in your production environment.