Gionee Elife S5.5: First impressions

Chinese manufacturers have booming in recent months, and even if a year ago , nobody seemed to know or Oppo Xiaomi , the two companies will now place such as providing equipment offering the best quality price ratio market and see their credibility increase over time .

Among the many Chinese manufacturers, it is a fact that a lot about him this morning and that is none other than Gionee. And for good reason since it has unveiled a device that stands as the thinnest Smartphone on the market with only 5.5 mm thick. It is of course Gionee Elifa S5.5.

Here is the thinnest smart phone in the world!
Gionee Elifa S5.5, a 2300 mah battery in 5.5 mm thick!

Despite its extreme finesse, Gionee Elifa S5.5 nevertheless offers an interesting technical details, namely:

OS: Android (not specified version)
Screen: 5 inches unspecified resolution
Processor: Quad Core running at 1.7 GHz
Ram: 2GB
Multimedia: photo sensor 13 Megapixels ,

5 Megapixels and front camera
Battery: 2300 mAh
Network: 3G or 4G LTE

A Smartphone 5.5 mm which nevertheless manages to provide a powerful enough to provide a satisfactory battery backup that all high-end devices on the market are not yet able to do.

Although this screen Gionee Elifa S5.5 resolution has not yet been revealed, the rest of the specifications suggests that it is located halfway between the high end and mid-range, all for a rather nice as it is currently offered in China at a price of $ 370 price. However, if you are interested in this unit, Gionee confirmed its next marketing in at least 40 countries.