Google page Layout Algorithm at Third Time 2014

Google’s Matt Cutts announced that Google has discharged its Page Layout Algorithm at Third Time. It’s otherwise called the Top Heavy algorithm, downgrades the standing of a page if the ads are deemed too disturbing for clients or with too many ads at the top.

Recently many complaints come from users that if they click on a result and its trouble to discover the actual content, they aren’t upbeat with the experience. Instead of scrolling down the page past a slide of ads, users necessity to see substance immediately.

If you click on a site and the division of the site you see first either doesn’t have a great deal of noticeable substance above the fold or commits a huge some piece of the site’s unique screen land to ads, that is not a quite great client experience.

He didn’t detail how much this affected the search results yet dependent upon my analysis of the SEO community, it had a quite little impact on most SEOs.