Today’s ever changing business environment demands enterprises to seek IT results that convey fast business impact. They have to put resources into the right technology that yields the obliged effects. SAP has a reach of items that help organizations accomplish operational efficiencies and productivity. CIE’s master’s help customers pick up competitive advantage through:

Greenfield implementations

  • Migrations
  • Roll outs
  • Rapid arrangements

CIE’s improved execution strategy for SAP results, empowers customers to accomplish their objectives through a profound keep tabs on business esteem, imaginative functionalities and a steady client experience. Our approach embodies:

  • A unique ‘conference room pilot’ approach that helps clients refine their specifications and fine tune a solution before it is implemented.
  • Independent usability practical, execution and security testing packaged with the usage.
  • Proprietary holdings, for example, ABAP quickening  that guarantee quality custom code and speedier turnaround time.

Service offerings

Greenfield usage

CIE’s quality centred methodology profits undertakings that oblige results fabricated sans preparation.

We attain wanted outcomes for our clients through:

  • Our rigorous strategy
  • Extensive track record
  • Significant investments in big information, Cloud and portability

Rollouts and rapid organizations

Expansion into new geographies changes business realities for enterprises. CIE empowers its customers to send results with minimum exertion, in the most brief time compass without giving up quality.