SAP frameworks are mind boggling and mission critical for an organization. They ought to dependably be accessible, open and foreseeable to convey the guaranteed quality. Deserts in a SAP framework can disturb a business discriminating procedure for the association and its expanded store network. The multifaceted nature is duplicated by the incessant overhauls of the framework, setups, coordination of dissimilar frameworks and rising advances, for example, portable, cloud and investigation. This puts enormous weight on the test association to guarantee an imperfection free and a foreseeable framework. Obviously, the greater part of this must be carried out at a speedier pace and easier costs.

CIE’s test methodology is dependent upon CIEtest™, a demonstrated test strategy for foreseeable quality. This approach unites the right masters, profound space learning, computerization structures, technology expertise and governance that will make SAP predictable and the testing measureable.

Service offerings

CIE conveys high testing speed and cost reduction of up to 30% through our demonstrated test strategy, reusable test stakes, tools and test focus services. Our testing services incorporate 4 basic sizes in testing SAP – Industries, SAP life cycle stage, testing sort and technology.