Samsung wants patent to unlock phone by drawing

Samsung has recorded a patent for another offer that will permit a mechanism to be opened by drawing on the screen a figure with no less than one convergence point.

As stated by patent requisition Us20140066017 documented throughout the weekend with the US Patent & Trademark Office, the Korean cell phone producer needs first dips at a “touch-and-drag operation” to open a portable terminal while the apparatus is in lock mode. The strategy incorporates following the touch-and-drag trajectory, where one or more crossing points happen, to discharge a lock mode.

That viably implies the characteristic might be utilized while the unit’s presentation is off, so clients don’t need to hit the force or home catch to turn on the showcase simply to utilize the characteristic.

It additionally doesn’t make a difference what structure or shape the figure ought to take, as long as there’s no less than one convergence point. Likewise, clients can redo the drawings to turn on particular applications. For example, a figure with three crossing point focuses could be designed to turn on the Twitter application when drawn on the screen. A drawing can likewise be alloted to make or reject a particular call.

The patent provision expressed: “The hot key capacity incorporates different requisitions or capacities that are given by the versatile terminal, and a particular requisition or capacity comparing to the amount of crossing points is executed. The particular provision or capacity incorporates a Polaroid, a telephone number rundown, a message, a call, and different provisions or capacities that are given by the versatile terminal.

“The client might uninhibitedly touch a touch screen since there is no restriction regarding size, area, and example of a touch information, and since a standby screen is shown or a particular provision is immediately executed as stated by the amount of crossing points of a shut surface.”

Sounds like a really perfect approach to wake your cell phone without needing to hit the force catch and opening it. Be that as it may I ponder what that means for battery life, since the showcase screen might need to be primed constantly to accept and execute works each one time the client touches and draws a figure.

Maybe it works on the same standards of a battery-supported uninvolved RFID, which is actuated just when activate by a RFID spectator, so the cell phone just needs to power the screen when a finger touches it.

Whatever the case, it seems like a patent Apple may additionally be intrigued by, or not?