Social Media Optimization (SMO), comprises of all the techniques and strategies of content creation, optimization and promotion on social networks, engaging in conversations with users and tracking quotes and comments.

We offer Social Media Marketing

Where to start?

The worst idea is to launch headlong into creating a fan page, a blog or a twitter account, wait and see that it does nothing. For the SMO is not an action one shot, a campaign flash ‘to establish networks or some 2.0 tools to configure.

The first step should be to listen to these conversations, identifying sources broadcast and relay influence, on blogs, forums and social networks, analyze the themes and tone of conversations.

The second step aims to intervene in existing conversations and answer comments on blogs, forums, networks, and adding people to his social circle. It is to create a historical profile to prepare the socialization of content and start building relationships.

The third step is to create original content and be the first source emitting from a blog strategy such devices and social partners (mashup). This is the most engaging step in terms of resources between production and moderation, but also the most efficient to capture the audience to a proprietor device.

Measuring returns SMO

While conventional indicators of audience measurement apply equally well to social networks: number of visits / visitors, number of page views, length of visits, bounce rate, conversion rate, social media also bring with them new performance indicators (KPI).

Auditing and management of e-reputation

It is firstly to identify blogs, forums, social networks, influential journalists in your industry to achieve a mapping of social links between sites, analyzing digital fingerprint of your brand and the nature of the conversations. At the end of the study, we provide a strategy and a proposed action plan for the development and management of e-reputation.

Creation and animation of a Facebook Fan Page

Our agency offers guidance and training in the administration of a Facebook Fan page. Nothing is easier than to open a Facebook account and it is not what it is. We imagine and realize the strategy of the page, the editorial line, creating Facebook applications, settings, allowing you to save time for the launch and be assured of doing well at the first shot.


Community Management

According to themes, we offer support community management, including the creation and distribution of content, animation and moderation conversations on blogs, forums, twitter, facebook.

We also propose SMO training, convinced of the need for companies to integrate this function to run. In the meantime, we are here to assist you in the implementation.